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Productivity Hack: Tracking Nanny Timesheets with Google Photos

When you employ a nanny, it is important to keep track of the number of hours she works in a given pay period.

We are using a nanny timesheet for doing this.

If you are like us, we really like Google Photos to organize the photos of our children and share them, primarily, with grandparents and other family members. As we are getting more familiar with Google Photos, we are also using the app more and more to organize paperwork for our nanny.

In particular, we are still using a paper version of the nanny timesheet and keep it for record keeping. But I am also taking a photo on my phone and then add ‘timesheet’ as a description in Google Photos. This way, when I am about to do payroll or need to compare hours worked over a number of pay periods, I just open the app and am using Google Photos’ excellent search functionality to quickly pull up any timesheets.

This works very well for me. Photos are always available and super easy to search on all of my devices!

Give it a try!

As always: good luck to all you fellow parents!